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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Protocol #7 "NightMares"

Class Protocol #7 :  By Pastor Charlie
Dreams / this class discusses Nightmares

This Class is designed to equip you.
To have more understanding.
 To enable the individual to stop , prevent , protect and Identify any form of demonic spiritual attack by nightmares
 through the power and akkuthority of Lord Jesus Christ!

This Class will discuss:
- is Your Children dealing with Nightmares ; know anyone's Child having Problems?

- Sleep Paralysis ; what is it? You feel something sitting on your chest choking you! Your awaken and Can not move?? Is this real ; you can hear youself thinking. Your Helpless all you can think IS JESUS!

- how do you prevent or Stop nightmares from reoccurring ??? through Prayer!! But how
-How can you protect you and your family from these attacks spiritual Attacks?, NIGHTMARES.
How do you pray against this?

We will also discuss other symptoms Such as Insomnia, tormenting Spirits????

Don't Be LATE we will start on time.
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More information please call or txt message Pastor Charlie 512.699.1850
Or Email me at
First time to my class Please let me know your coming leave a message !! Call txt , email ; just let me know I want to meet you.

When : Wensday 12th, Aug 2015
Time : 7:pm- 8:20pm
Where: Promiseland Theatre
1504 E51st, Austin tx , 78723


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