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About us

Who Are we?

We are prayer teams developed for our local Church and our Communtiy, in our city.

 We are a Prayer Ministry that is originally a Ministry of the Promiseland Church. 

WE are a Prayer Ministry known as a "REGIMENT"

The Churches that are Connected to us have their own "REGIMENT" forming what we call "THE KINGDOM ALLIANCE"

Our main FOCUS :
is to BIRTH OUR PASTORS VISION Through prayer and Fasting.

Our Secondary FOCUS :
is to equip and provide effective Prayer Coverage for our selfs and others. To network in our communities and Cities, That we LIVE IN. 
To form and build relationships with other PRAYER MINISTRIES that exist in our area of operation.

In the "Kingdom Alliance" we number well over 300 hundred strong , we can mobilize that many BOOTS ON THE GROUND , Prayer Warriors if need be



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