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Friday, May 3, 2013

To a Christian ; Prayer should not feel like part of your chores

If you have the HolyGhost and you feel like "Praying" are part of your Chores!!! STOP praying cause your Wrong!!!! Check yourself!!!

Prayer is a necessity , an essential, a duty that Christians should embrace with reverence , understanding ,and fervency !.
It's your Duty to fast and Pray!! You should make it a lifestyle!!
a way of life!! Muslims pray 7 times a day !! What the heck and you can't pray one hour in the Holyghost!!!! Jesus rebuked the disciples in the garden cause they couldn't hang one hour of prayer with him when HE needed them most!!!
Don't get a lazy attitude towards praying.
Remember the enemy is constantly prowling and roaming around you never resting . Waiting for you to slip up.

If a Islamic jihadist is passionate about praying and dedicated to blowing himself
All in the Name of GOD.
What about our passion for prayer and dedication to the gospel under persecution !!! You won't be willing to die for the gospel if you can't be passionate to prayer and Fasting for a dying world.
BE real.... Don't be lukewarm , if u have too light your self on fire with some Jesus time and Worship like Crazy till joy fills u up!!!
The Nazarite way!!

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