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Friday, April 19, 2013

Dreams From Steve Twirago


I want to share a couple dreams I had a few weeks ago...
what looked similar to a UPS type truck. There were 3-4 explosions. Then I turned around and saw an explosion with what looked like a small and narrow white cloud rising up in the sky. The area began to heat up and I started running smiling, rejoicing and saying something to the extent.... This is the time more than ever to Love the Lord Jesus Christ and rejoice! I was wearing a white shirt and the dream ended. Whether my dream is in correlation to what happened in Boston and West, TXor not, I find the timing interesting as there were two explosions in Boston and one in West.
I also had a dream where I was viewing a city and lot of the building were half missing as if the result of an explosion or something to the extent. Then I gazed out and saw like grey over the horizon and someone asking... what happened to the Sears Tower? Now I used to work in that building. So my dream may correlate to that because I used to live in Chicago but at least the symbolism is interesting. The day ever so approaching...Blessings

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