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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Prayer Request Dispatch 01.21.16

Please Leave a comment at the Bottom and let us know your praying. This will Encourage our people that someone took the time to read these prayer Request.

These are Prayer Request from Fellow Nazarites, plz take the time and say a quick Prayer of Agreement

Felix Acosta:
Asking prayer for my mom Sis Acosta, had tightness in her chest is at the hospital. 

Faustino Martinez:
Please pray for my dad Faustino Sr. , he has been in ER for 24 hours needs to be move to ICU, so they can help him breath better and reduce the fluid build up in his legs , he has congestive heart failure and his kidneys are not functioning properly, docs are trying to do what they can do , there is no room in ICU at this time , they are full. Thank you appreciate every single one of you!

Andrea Jansen:
Will you please pray for a past co worker who is in icu and on life support, he is not saved. He needs a touch from the Healer and Savior and Lover of our souls : His name is Manuel Deleon.

Felicia AKHIANYO :
Asking prayer for the famiky of Rachel Cumpian. She passed away this morning from a rate degenerative disease. She was a college student and a lover of God.  

Phillip Mendoza:
Good Evening , I am asking for prayers for my mother in law Yineth in New York. Doctors say She is in the last stages of cancer and is in her final days. But I know my Heavenly Father has the last and final Say. His will be done. I ask for prayers from the NAZARITES. Thank you and God Bless.

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  1. Praying in JESUS Name !!
    Over every need, Salvation and Healing
    Blessings and Peace

  2. Steven Porter you are awesome Prayer Warrior I am glad you are on our side! We can always depend on you!!! Lots of LoVE


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