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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1st Monday Prayer NOV5th 2012

First of all i want to thank ALL OF YOU who volunteered 1hr of your time to pray for Austin Texas , THANK YOU!!! Austin Tx will be Blessed Becuase you chose to weep for your CITY and Cry out for our City!!!
It was a honor to Join up with over 20 or more other Churches around our City here in Austin and Pray!!! we will see REVIVAL in AUSTIN Tx , our Watchman at Promisealnd Church are not asleep.
REMEMBER we will be praying the 1st MONDAY of every Month the FULL 24hrs a day from now through the Year of 2013!!
 On NOVEMBER 5th we had over 40 Intercessors Participate in a epic payer event was simple sign up for any hour from Midnight to Midnight and Txt me when you go into your hour and coming out of your Hour. We did this to keep the Integrity of  UNITED PRAYER, kinda like Passing the Baton in a race.
THEN WE ENDED the Day with a POWERFUL PRAYER SERVICE!! can some one give me a comment on this POST and say Amen!!!!! POWERFUL TIME OF PRAYER!!! with PASTOR JONATHAN SUBER!!!! WOW

OUR NEXT 1st Monday Prayer will be DECEMBER 3rd!!!! and i know GOD is going to SHOW UP AGAIN in a very Powerful way!!!! Please if you want to sign up for your Hour of Prayer you can comment on this BLOG at the Bottom and just write me the time you can serve. You will get a Email and a text from me. If i do not have your email leave it in the Comment box below with your name and Number if you do not mind. HELP me fill Dec 3rd up for 24 PRAYER Thank YOU AND SIGN

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